Playing fetch is a great way for your dog to get exercise, and a fun activity for humans too! While some dogs will fetch naturally, others may need a little encouragement! If your pooch isn’t quite understanding the game here’s some tips to help you out. Before you throw the ball, make sure you have your dog’s undivided attention. A puppy is full of energy and sometimes they have a hard time focusing! If there’s a lot of stuff going on around you try to take your dog some where quieter. If there are other dogs or people nearby it will be too distracting, and your pooch won’t be able to pay attention. Next, clearly show your dog the ball. You can let him sniff it, maybe even mock throw it a couple of times to see how interested he is. He needs to know it’s play time! Throw the ball, if your dog goes after it then step one is complete! If not you may need to try some positive reinforcement in the form of treats. You can buy balls that have spots for treats in them so your dog gets a reward for going after it. Just make sure he knows there’s treats in there.

If your dog grabs the ball, but then doesn’t make his way back to you that’s okay. Try again. This time coax him over to you. If he makes it all the way give him a treat as a reward! He should quickly learn what you want him to do, and this will become a fun game.

Play with your Dog


Sit is an important command to help you control your dog. Getting your dog to listen to basic commands like this can keep him out of trouble in dangerous situations. First, make sure you have your dog’s undivided attention. It helps to have a treat in your hand. Nothing gets a pup’s attention quite like a tasty snack! Once he’s focused on you say “sit” very clearly. Make sure that this command is uniform, and that you speak clearly otherwise your dog may become confused. The gently push down on your dog’s rump u until he moves to a sitting position. Then say “good boy!” and give him a treat. Dogs typically catch on to this very quickly and it should only take you a few times before he’ll do it on command. You can also point downward when you say it as some dogs respond well to visual signals.

Lay down

This is much like the sit command, and it can be a great way to keep your dog under control This is easier if your dog is already in the sitting position so learn that command first. Make sure you have the dog’s attention while he’s still sitting. Say “lay down” very clearly and place your hand on his back near the shoulders. Push gently on his shoulders, and your dog should lay down. Say “good boy!” and give him a treat. After a few sessions of this your dog will do this on command. Maybe even as soon as he sees the treat without you saying anything! The most important aspect of dog training is to be consistent with your instructions to avoid confusing your dog. Good luck! You can read more awesome pet related articles at kimspets. http://kimspets.com